Blues & wine soul festival

On August 2nd, the Blues & Wine Soul Festival arrives in Agrigento, set in a captivating location right in front of the majestic Valley of the Temples: STELAI. This magical and historic venue adds a touch of charm and mystery to the festival’s atmosphere.

Immersed in the ancient beauty of STELAI, attendees of the Blues & Wine Soul Festival can enjoy magnificent concerts on stage, while around them, the finest Sicilian and Italian wineries and gastronomic excellences proudly present their products. With a breathtaking view of the Valley of the Temples, the audience has the opportunity to experience an unforgettable event, celebrating the connection between music, wine, and the cultural heritage of Sicily.

What is the Blues & Wine Soul Festival

The Blues & Wine Soul Festival is an event that has been held in Sicily since the summer of 2003, and over the past 6 years, it has evolved into a “Circuit of Stages,” involving the most evocative locations of the Island of Light during the summer and organizing promotional evenings both in Italy and abroad.

This unique festival manages to combine the incredible spectacle of the best Blues, Soul, and Gospel music with the exciting discovery of the finest Sicilian and Italian wines, as well as the various territorial traditions. It is an authentic and multisensory experience that takes place on warm summer nights and, thanks to the “Circuit of Stages,” becomes a journey through flavors, territories, and history.

Over the years, the Blues & Wine has reached numerous cities outside of Sicily as well. Great theaters in Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence, Trieste, and other renowned Italian tourist destinations have hosted the “Great Soul Nights” proposed by the festival, with the aim of promoting the best products from Sicily and all of Italy through two universal international languages: music and wine.


The extraordinary Official Band, led by the creator, organizer, and artistic director of the Festival, Joe Castellano, is celebrating an impressive 20 YEARS of activity and is now famous worldwide for its incredible performances, remaining one of the last authentic Soul Shows around.

Joe Castellano’s Super Band consists of 18 elements on stage, half of whom come from Sicily and the other half made up of great names from the American scene. This eclectic lineup is united with the most legendary Bands in the world.

Each year, extraordinary musicians and true legends of Soul and Blues perform on stage with Joe Castellano. This year, as special guests of the evening, there will be soul music giants such as Sharrie Williams, Ed Wynne, and Koury Thompson.

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