Bollywood Dinner Show in Agrigento: A Journey of Dance and Culture

The word Bollywood, born from the union of Bombay and Hollywood, has become synonymous with grandeur and splendor in the world of Indian cinema. Originally linked to film production, the term now also refers to the choreographic dances that color Hindi-language films and beyond. These dances, modern reinterpretations of ancient sacred Indian traditions, are the essence of Bollywood cinema.

The Bollywood dinner show we will stage in Agrigento, at the Stelai restaurant near the Valley of the Temples, is an immersion into this fascinating world. From elaborate choreographies drawing from traditional Indian dances, from Rajasthan to Punjab, through temples and street ritual dances, the show promises to be a journey through different styles and atmospheres.

The choreographic evolution in modern Indian films has introduced elements of hip hop, Latin American, funk, and contemporary dance, demonstrating great creativity and artistic ferment. Bollywood dance, rich in meaning, tells stories of a people, their pagan and religious traditions, expressing emotions and portraying well-defined characters.

In this show, led by choreographer Sara Pappalardo and presented by the professional Dance Company “Le Donne di Ararat,” you will experience a perfect fusion of theater and dance. You will see elegance, joy, energy, and dynamism. The choreographies will tell stories of ancient Indian princesses and transport you to the atmosphere of modern Bollywood films, where it will be hard to stay seated.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience an authentic Bollywood dinner show in Agrigento. An event that offers not only a quality gastronomic experience but also an immersion in Indian culture and dance, right near the Valley of the Temples. A must-attend for all Bollywood and Indian culture enthusiasts. Come and enjoy an evening of pure enchantment and color!

Useful info

The ticket price per person, which includes the show and dinner – drinks included – is:

✔️ 18 – 99 years hold  ADULT EUR 75,00;
✔️ 13 – 17 years hold YOUNG EUR 50,00;
✔️ 3 – 12 years EUR 30 with a child menu;
✔️ 0 to 2 years FREE without a menu;

The show will start at 8:30 PM, and access is possible no later than 15 minutes from the aforementioned time.

Affiliated Hotel:
20% discount on accommodation for those purchasing the show ticket


Info and Reservations:

Tickets: 🎟️
Info320 193 4242
Stelai – Via Alfredo Capitano 1, Agrigento

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