The true place of Myth

About us

Stelai was born from the union of Antonio Alba and Simona Frenna, husband and wife in life and business partners, who decided to put their passions and skills together to create something innovative and unique in the city of Agrigento: a place where you can taste delicious food, organise events and attend sensational shows, all in the magical setting of the Valley of the Temples.


Our Sicilian cuisine, in addition to having a thousand-year-old tradition, is deeply rooted in its territory, strongly influenced by the history of our island. This is where we want to take you, through appetising taste itineraries and traditional but skilfully revisited flavours.

Pizza d'autore

A project that wants to recover the craftsmanship aspect linked to tradition but aimed at innovation through study, experimentation and passion.


and Ceremonies

A breathtaking view of Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples, the perfect setting for an elegant and unforgettable event.

Come and discover the timeless beauty of Stelai.


and live events

At Stelai, you can witness unique spectacles that tell of our land, rich in history, fascinating and unique.

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