Flamenco: The Enchantment of Spanish Sounds and Flavors from Stelai Agrigento

Flamenco is an art form born in the Spanish region of Andalusia from the encounter between Andalusian folk music and the expressive heritage of the gypsies, a nomadic people who settled in Andalusia in the 1500s. This extraordinary fusion of cultures has created a unique and intensely expressive genre that reflects the history of a persecuted, marginalized, and tormented people.

Over the centuries, Flamenco has gathered sacred rituals, profane songs, and music, combining them into a genre rich in content and profoundly emotional. Its strength lies in its ability to communicate directly to the heart, to convey feelings and passions, hurting like a dagger and penetrating the soul of the listener.

Flamenco is an intimate and powerful art form that expresses itself through a unique symbiosis of music, singing, and dance. The voice, music, and dance do not necessarily have to adhere to the aesthetic standards imposed by society; instead, they must convey authenticity and passion. This deep expression is an integral part of Gypsy culture, a people who have found in music a way to tell their own story.

A distinctive element of Flamenco is the “baile,” the dance, which not only interprets the music but becomes an integral part of it. Palmas (rhythmic applause) and zapateado (body percussion) become musical instruments in the hands of the bailaor or bailaora, while the guitar, percussion, and the voice of the cantaor skillfully accompany the dance, alternating moments of deep pathos with moments of overwhelming joy.

And now, you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this extraordinary art form. On Saturday, December 16th, in Agrigento, you can enjoy a Spanish Dinner with a Flamenco show.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the passion and history of Flamenco in a unique and suggestive setting.

Choreography: Deborah Brancato
Music: Marcello Savona
Dance Ensemble: Coral arte flamenco

Useful Information

The ticket price, which includes the show and dinner – drinks included – is:

✔️ EUR 75,00 per person;
✔️ 0 to 3 years FREE without a menu (EUR 30 with a child menu);
✔️ 4 to 10 years EUR 30 with a child menu;
✔️ 11 to 16 years EUR 50 with an adult menu.

The show will start at 8:30 PM, and access is possible no later than 15 minutes from the aforementioned time.

Affiliated Hotel:
20% discount on accommodation for those purchasing the show ticket


Info and Reservations:

Tickets: 🎟️ booking.stelai.it
Info: 320 193 4242
Stelai – Via Alfredo Capitano 1, Agrigento

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