Picciotti Show:The engaging tale of popular and legendary Sicily

A wild group of young Sicilian boys, full of sun, wind and sea. A guitar, party, music and merriment. A boy shows everyone some Sicilian cards. A girl creates a sensual, whirling dance. The game begins: a beautiful world with a fascinating past is revealed. It is the Sicily of the past, warm, rugged and mysterious.
Marco Savatteri’s new show is an all-Sicilian Decameron, passionate and funny, sweet, rough and true.
Picciotti show is the theatrical and immersive tale of popular and legendary Sicily. An overview of the wonders of our island, interpreted by a light-hearted group of multifaceted actors with infinite nuances. Surrender to Sicily. The show is written and directed by Marco Savatteri and realised by the performers of Savatteri produzioni.

Tickets available at: booking.stelai.it

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